Fish and Wildlife Service to list the monarch

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ladies of summer event to feature elin hilderbrand

canada goose Our members present their work in front of an educated and critical audience so the photos have to be GREAT. Our goal is to show our members’ work in the best possible light. From the many images received daily, we aim to post as many as possible. Blue whales have been passing through Southern California waters, some stopping for extended periods to feed, affording up close views of the largest mammals ever to have roamed the planet.Most of the gawking has been from these safety of large boats, but recently an intrepid paddler aboard a 14 foot standup paddle board was caught on video cruising so closely alongside an 80 foot blue whale that it appeared the two were traveling together.The paddler is Rich German, an Orange County marine mamma enthusiast who is sometimes criticized for closely approaching whales. His minute long encounter occurred April 24 off Laguna Beach, but wildlife photographer Mark Girardeau waited until last Friday to post his drone footage.NOAA guidelines suggest that pilots of any vessel «attempt to stay at least 100 yards from a whale.» Because that’s not always possible, as whales sometimes surface very close to boats. When this occurs, it best to remain still and avoid erratic movements.Rich German veers from blue whale. canada goose

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canada goose factory sale That would provide protection for the butterfly’s habitat and prohibit killing or collecting them as well as the interstate or international trade of them except under a federal permit. Fish and Wildlife Service to list the monarch. «Our petition is a scientific and legal blueprint for creating the protection that the monarch so direly needs, and we are gratified that the agency has now taken this vital first step in a timely fashion, » said George Kimbrell, senior attorney for Center for Food Safety. canada goose factory sale

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canada goose clearance sale I find it hard to believe that Obama’s aunt did not contact him asking for advise and/or help regarding her immigration status. If I was facing deportation and Obama was my nephew, I certainly would have contacted him. I wonder if she had any legal representation at her deportation hearing. canada goose clearance sale

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