From her mannerisms to her voice to her costuming

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But as the pioneering blues siren Bessie Smith in the Theatre at Arts Garage’s The Devil’s Music, she easily eschewed tact and niceties, embodying the brassy and boisterous legend through every lascivious hip movement and shrapnel leaving F bomb. From her mannerisms to her voice to her costuming, she could have passed for Smith’s doppelg Without ever leaving the stage and besotted by a bottomless selection of alcohol, Sommers’ version of Bessie performed 15 numbers in a variety of styles from a cappella gospel to swing to spartan blues while sharing a life story rife with triumphs and tragedies. Though primarily a celebration of Smith’s art, Sommers expressed plenty of subtle acting chops between the numbers, evident in the way her righteous anger segued naturally into knowing smiles or when she found the cracks of vulnerability in her character’s towering persona.When you’re cast to play a public figure as widely videotaped, personified, and parodied as Richard Nixon, it’s a challenge to forge your own path.

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