He also says that Chinese financed «connective infrastructure»

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«This is a prime example that activism works,» said Rep. Raul Grijalva (Ariz.), thetop Democrat of the House Natural Resources Committee and a frequent critic of Zinke. «The American people raised their concerns, participated in the public comment period and made sure that the Trump White House knew that the proposal was unpopular.

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canadian goose jacket Parks says that according to his team’s research, there is a strong correlation between Chinese projects and economic growth in the countries where they’re built. He also says that Chinese financed «connective infrastructure» things that connect people from one place to another, such as roads, bridges, railways and ports are distributing economic growth into rural areas more evenly than traditional Western development programs have. That’s because China favors projects that connect people and businesses from rural, remote interior areas to bigger coastal cities, where there are more economic opportunities.. canadian goose jacket

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