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You’ll use the catheter to transfer dialysis solution from a bag into your belly. This special fluid contains water with salt and other additives. It soaks up waste and extra fluids inside your body. T t tBill Whitaker: Now, how does the computer know that it’s someone intending to back into a parking space, and not someone who’s just stopped in the street? t t tChris Urmson: Our cars have seen thousands and thousands of vehicles. And they get a feeling, you know, they get a feeling really for what the behavior of those vehicles are going to be. T t tBill Whitaker: Really? t t tChris Urmson: So its seen lots of cars backing up and so it understands if there’s a space here, and a car stopped just in front of it, that means it’s gonna probably back into that spot.

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replica zara bags Federal workers are growing increasingly anxious at the prospect of massive budget cuts President Trump proposed this week that would pave the way for increased military spending.Employees who list endangered species, collect taxes and distribute aid to foreign countries are fearing for their livelihoods as they sift through rumors and wait to see whether their offices will be targeted for steep reductions.The president said he’ll call for $54 billion in reductions to offset new spending for the Pentagon, and it should not come from veterans’ programs, law enforcement or entitlement programs, the biggest drivers of federal spending.The math seems clear: To shrink government by that much, layoffs are inevitable, say federal officials, unions and budget experts. The White House already is eyeing deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency that could slash the agency’s career staff to 12,000 from 15,000, largely through buyout offers and layoffs. The State Department also could be in line for a big reduction, which some estimates peg at 37percent.»I don’t think there’s any way around it, this level of cuts will almost certainly lead to layoffs,» said Tony Reardon, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents 150,000 federal workers across 31 departments. replica zara bags

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