Police believe there were two styles of shoe Canada Goose

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Wadena police investigate string of burglaries in tornado

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More than a dozen incidents were detailed in police reports, canada goose uk outlet ranging from late August to mid September. Saturday, Sept. on Monday, Sept. 6, someone entered a home on the 800 block of 7th Street Southwest. An Apple desktop computer valued at $2,400, a tool kit, canada goose coats flash drive and assortment of towels were taken. The box that the computer came in was also missing, and drawers in the house were rifled through.

On Sunday, Sept. 5, a burglary was reported on the 400 block of 7th Street Southwest. A window was broken out on the home and the thief or thieves stepped on a charcoal grill to climb through the window and onto the kitchen sink. Police believe there were two styles of shoe https://www.outletmoncler.de Canada Goose Outlet marks on the grill. It was unknown if anything was missing.

A home on the 800 block of Harmony Lane that was patched up temporarily as construction crews worked on tornado damage was burglarized. The north side door of the residence was kicked in, canada goose black friday sale and the homeowner entered the home and heard noises on Thursday, Aug. 26. She also found a wrapper of uk canada goose outlet a granola bar and a canada goose outlet in usa partially drank bottle of water. Police noted a specific footprint at the scene that had been left at other scenes.

A woman on the 400 block of 7th Street Southwest reported a storage trailer on her property was burglarized when a door was pried open and a padlock cut off. A Canada Goose Coats On Sale muddy footprint was photographed.

A lock was cheap canada goose cut canada goose uk shop off a large storage shed on the 300 block of 8th Street Southwest. A muddy shoe print that matched other burglaries was photographed, canada goose outlet shop and the tread pattern matched. The only thing reported missing was an 8×10 sign of Snoopy holding a gun that read, «Trespassers will be shot.»

Storage lockers on the alley side of a residence on the 1000 block of 7th Street Southwest were entered and the locks were cut off. Nothing seemed to be missing or out of place, the owner said.

Sometime between Sept. 1 and Sept. 2, buy canada goose jacket a residence was broken into on the 800 block official canada goose outlet of 7th Street Southwest by kicking in the front door. Nothing appeared to have been stolen, but the burglars had to walk past thousands of dollars in tools to get to the basement without taking anything.

While investigating another burglary on the 1000 block of 8th Street Southwest, an officer noticed goose outlet canada a door kicked in at Canada Goose sale another canada goose outlet store residence on that block. Owners were being contacted.

A homeowner on the 700 block of Lincoln Avenue Southwest reported a locked storage pod had a padlock cut away, but he hadn’t noticed anything missing.

A padlock was cut away from a storage bin on the 700 block canada goose outlet reviews of 5th Street Southwest. Missing were a 1952 silver dollar, 15 buffalo head nickels and wheat pennies, some 50 cent pieces, a leather wrapped wooden purse and a plastic promotional bottle filled with change. A hand print was found at the scene.

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