The County Council has no responsibility in this regard

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And the cost to us in ways other than blood has been far more costly to us than anything they could cause by an attack here. How many Americans and their families have been destroyed since we invaded Iraq? They will attack here when we no longer send our people to their place for them to attack. Security? Ask the person who was just robbed, beaten or had a loved one killed because no money was spent to protect the population, individually and collectively.

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Canada Goose Outlet Mayo County Council is to launch a media campaign to remind landowners of their responsibility to maintain roadside hedges as the season’s prohibition on hedge cutting ends this week.This year, Mayo County Council is planning to step up its awareness campaign at the start of September to remind landowners of their hedge cutting responsibilities. This will include placing ads in local newspapers, on local radio and on the Council’s website.In a message to landowners, Paul Dolan, Head of Roads with Mayo County Council warned that the Council have no responsibility for roadside hedges.»Landowners are responsible for the cutting, trimming and maintenance of roadside trees and hedges that are a hazard or potential hazard to road users or interfere with the maintenance of the road. The County Council has no responsibility in this regard. Canada Goose Outlet

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