The study, published in the journal Autism Research, confirms

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A new mouse study, which builds on findings from a previously unpublished study in humans, suggests that gene mutations found in both the brain and the gut could be the reason why so many people with autism suffer from gut issues.The study, published in the journal Autism Research, confirms the existence of a suspected gut brain nervous system link in autism and suggests a potential new target for treatments that might ease the behavioral issues commonly found in the disorder.Chief Investigator Associate Professor Elisa Hill Yardin from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in Australia, said that autism researchers have long been looking at the brain, and have only recently begun to look at the gut.know the brain and gut share many of the same neurons and now for the first time we confirmed that they also share autism related gene mutations, Hill Yardin said. To 90 percent of people with autism suffer from gut issues, which can have a significant impact on daily life for them and their families.»findings suggest these gastrointestinal problems may stem from the same mutations in genes that are responsible for brain and behavioural issues in autism. It a whole new way of thinking about it for clinicians, families and researchers and it broadens our horizons in the search for treatments to improve the quality of life for people with autism.

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