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Palin Thanks Her Online Supporters as Interest Grows

And so it was that yesterday’s announcement of Gov. Sarah Palin as Sen. canada goose outlet chicago John McCain’s running mate led us to Adam Brickley, a young Republican who’s a recent graduate of University of Colorado canada goose uk phone number at Colorado Springs. In Feb. 2007, months before the first term Alaskan governor, was on anyone’s radar screen, the 21 year old created the blog Draft Palin for Vice President.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Yesterday, much to his own surprise, his dreams were answered. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Brickley’s blog grew into a Facebook group. In the summer of 2007, when McCain’s campaign was languishing and Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson were atop the polls, Brickley also created the pro Palin Facebook group Draft Palin for Vice President. Today that group lists more than 1,400 grateful members.

canada goose uk black friday «I am so excited about Gov. Palin as the VP on canada goose coats uk the ticket,» wrote one member on the group’s wall last last night. «I am a conservative woman, and was mixed re: my support for John McCain. I wondered if he would thumb his nose at the conservatives.» canada goose uk black friday

What the Web captures more than any other medium is early excitement, growing passion and buzz. But that buzz can work both for and against a candidate.

Some less flattering Palin oriented groups on Facebook include «Sarah Palin will be worse than Dick Cheney!» (143 members) and «My Pet Rock Is More Qualified Than Sarah Palin To Be Vice President» (55).

uk canada goose And Brickley’s not the only supporter to have created a blog or site pushing for Palin. Paul Volosen, a program manager at Microsoft, started a blog called McCain Palin 2008 three months ago. Volosen also contributes to another site, Palin for America, which was launched about two months ago. uk canada goose

«So many in the media have been saying, ‘She’s not experienced!’ Well, she’s been in office for 16 years. Sixteen!» Volosen told The Trail. «Obama better watch out because the soccer moms will come out in full force this election. They’re gonna say, ‘Check out Palin. This is what I want my daughter to be.'»

canada goose clearance Meanwhile, the online buzz on Palin is growing. Yesterday, so many people rushed to their computers and to Google the moment Sen. John McCain announced his surprising choice for running mate that, cheap canada goose bodywarmer for a time, the Alaska governor’s office official site went down. canada goose clearance

Palin’s Wikipedia page one of the first pages on that comes up via Google has been edited hundreds of times. Some users added flattering edits, while others were not so canada goose outlet website legit complimentary. «How many houses does it take for McCain to pick a VP?» asked a post on DailyKos; a post on TownHall tried to plumb «The Hillary Backlash Over the Palin Pick.»

canada goose uk outlet Dozens have uploaded pro or anti Palin videos on YouTube since the announcement. Before Friday, there were about 300 Palin oriented videos on YouTube. As of Saturday morning, the number had spiked to about 1,530. canada goose uk outlet

The Internet, of course, is not the only way to measure grassroots interest and support. But as Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign has found out, it can be undeniably helpful.

canadian goose jacket This is one in a series of online columns on our growing «clickocracy,» in which we are one nation under Google, with e mail and video for all. Please send suggestions, comments and tips to vargasj at washpost dot com. canadian goose jacket

Posted at 12:20 PM ET on Aug 30, 2008

canada goose coats I canada goose black friday canada am just a little shocked, like much of the country, that McCain would pick someone with relatively no experience. It’s hard to believe that this was not a political gimmick; hard to believe that McCain believes that Palin is the best selection. Poor display of judgment, wisdom, and leadership. She gave them a deadline. They’re moving equipment to those leases now and drilling. Paying taxes on something they haven’t pulled out of the ground was not a good thing. 😉 She sticks to her guns and doesn’t let anybody scare her off, big oil companies or not. Every time something has gone on in this state, good or canada goose outlet bad, Sarah is johnny on the spot to see what is going on and how she can help. canada goose coats

canada goose Side note: A company downtown has been printing up T shirts that say «My Governor is HOTTER than your Governor!» with her pic on the front. Oh and by the way, if they had offered to release him for propaganda reasons and he refused, ask yourself why wouldn’t they just drive him and dump him near a US LZ or base. Or hand him to the Red Cross. it’s all a lie, they wanted to keep him, he was giving them information and he made sure that all records were sealed forever. canada goose

On the wall and on the message boards, Americans, male and female, young and old, Hillary, Obama and even former canada goose outlet McCain supporters are organizing to get the word out there that we will not be fooled by John McCain’s trick his insinuation that women are interchangeable and will vote against themselves in some sort of mass gender vote is offensive and utter tokenism.

Come join the group and the discussion and help us organize to elect the only pro women, pro environment, pro change ticket this election: Obama/Biden 08. I could easily see her eventually winning a seat in Congress and making her mark as an accomplished statesman. She should have turned McCain down on the vice presidency, because she is woefully unprepared for this brutal campaign and the office she has been nominated for. She will make a fool of herself, will end up the female Dan Quayle and her political career will be destroyed just as Quayle’s was.

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